Residential Development

Untouchable expertise and a highly responsive, end-to-end service

This is one of the largest business areas within Gateley Plc, and we have an excellent reputation for the breadth and depth of the work we do. Additional, specialist services help to make us a preferred partner and one-stop shop for UK housebuilders.
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With all-round understanding and extensive experience of all aspects of residential development, we can offer an end-to-end service for housebuilders and land promoters of all sizes.

We act for all of the top 10 housebuilders, in all regions of the UK, and are valued for our inherent technical ability and the incredibly responsive service we provide.

Despite the slow economy in recent years, our team has continued to grow at an impressive rate and we’re trusted to work as an in-house team for the majority of our clients. We develop strong, long-term relationships and are always available to offer insightful, practical advice and supremely efficient support to meet any and all needs.

Our partners have extensive client-side experience of working with housebuilders, giving us in-depth understanding of the way the industry works. Strong inter-team communication and shared best practice further enhance our offer.

When it comes to residential development, there aren’t many deals that we don’t do or don’t understand. In fact, we even help create some of them – developing grant agreements with Government lawyers to assist housebuilders during the recession, for example. Land promotion is now also a key service that we provide.

We’re efficient and switched-on when it comes to plot sales, with a particularly strong offer in this specialist service area. Our very large and highly regarded national plot sales team is responsible for selling around 5% of all new home plots in the UK. They inherently understand the needs of sales directors, and use a bespoke case manager system that we developed to deliver an extremely responsive and successful service. What’s more, our experience on plot sales informs our subsequent delivery work – so we can draft contracts accordingly to avoid issues, for example.