The highest calibre advice and representation for all regulatory issues

Our expert team handles all aspects of corporate defence and compliance, offering a strategic and responsive service that you can rely on to deliver the best possible result for your business.
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From providing emergency advice following an environmental spill to guidance and advice during a dawn raid of your premises or handling a full-service product recall, we have the expertise to help you manage the regulatory challenges you face.

We have a proven track record of achieving the best possible outcome for our clients, whatever the circumstances. We advise clients as wide-ranging as national housebuilders, major manufacturers, high street retailers, utility companies, regional airports, care homes and hotel groups. Our work effectively falls into five core areas: Health & Safety, Food Safety, Product Safety & Consumer Protection, Environmental, and Financial Compliance (bribery, fraud, money laundering, HMRC). Within these areas, we cover cases spanning everything from advertising standards and DVSA issues to health & safety, data protection, food safety and public procurement.

Our senior team blends ‘big name’ corporate expertise with in-depth industry knowledge and extensive practical credentials to deliver a consistently top quality service in this demanding and fast-paced specialist field. We’re passionate about the work we do and genuinely interested in delivering the best possible results for your business, whatever the issues you happen to be facing. We pride ourselves on our ‘real person in the real world’ approach, which results in innate client trust and personal chemistry. Whatever the challenges we’re dealing with together, we’re always there for you – our strong, long-term client relationships go far deeper than just being business transactions.

With Gateley Plc’s Regulatory team on your side, you can have every confidence of the best possible outcome of any regulatory intervention.