Deal due diligence:

Our value-creating service

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When considering investing in any business, comprehensive legal due diligence is essential in order to understand the legal risks within the target business.

We have now taken this expertise to review the legal due diligence process to create a streamlined due diligence process.

This service helps ensures we provide speed of execution and helps to embed and grow value in your portfolio company.

We call this ARRM: Analyse & Review, Remedy and Review.

How it works

Our ARRM offering is broken down in to three component services, from which you can select some or all of these modules to suit the investment and client requirements.

Analyse & Review

Focused on protecting value and executing each deal efficiently, our due diligence experts deliver:

  • legal DD advice on acquisitions and lending;
  • vendor due diligence;
  • pre-sale reviews; and
  • data room preparation.


During the due diligence process we often identify issues within a business that would fall outside of a red flag or material issue but need to be fixed in order that the business can address a compliance, operational, personnel or financial issue. We:

  • gather insight and knowledge from the initial due diligence process;
  • create a resolutions plan identifying the key legal issues;
  • recommend practical, commercial solutions; and
  • deliver legal solution to identified issues.


During the due diligence process we often identify issues within a business that would We can support investors by conducting regular reviews which track business improvements identified during the initial due diligence process.

Private equity investment

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