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We make things happen – with a clear focus on client needs at all times

With long-standing experience of commercial business law, our expert team is highly skilled in understanding how any business is likely to develop over time and how that will affect issues connected with its funding situation.
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Every business requires funding. Whether it’s for day-to-day working capital or financing more complex projects, our experienced and knowledgeable team works closely with you to determine the most appropriate type of funding for any given situation. We’ll then also shape the terms of that funding to suit the needs of both the business and the funder over the course of the project – whether it’s 7-year loans, 10-year loans, or multiple loans from different parties coming into the same entity.

Client-focused from the outset, we’re adept at bringing a sharp commercial edge to the full range of banking & finance transactions that we handle. As well as identifying whether a business needs a term loan, ABL facility or an equipment finance facility, and matching the appropriate form of funding to the business’ specific needs, we’ll also identify how those funding streams will be regulated and operate over an extended period of time.

We pride ourselves on the way we take a collaborative approach to help funders develop a deep understanding of the business requiring funding, and for businesses to understand the type of funding available.

Our clients are predominantly UK-based financial institutions, including all of the main clearing banks. We also act for a number of specialist lenders, such as fund-based lenders and asset-based lenders – ABL is a particular field of expertise for our team.

In addition to being instructed by major lenders, we also act for a wide range of businesses, supporting their needs as a borrower – both at home and abroad, across Europe and the US, in particular. We’re happy to be involved in transactions that involve cross-border funding and recently acted for a UK-based business that has subsidiaries in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Dubai and Belgium.

Whether we’re working with lenders or borrowers, we’re highly valued for the senior partner content in the advice we give and for our sharp commercial focus. You can expect genuine partner involvement on a daily basis and real advice, rather than just a range of options. We’ll always provide recommendations and make decisions with you to provide the best possible solution for your business. Because we’re dynamic and proactive, we go out of our way to make things happen and make things easy for you along the way.

Our expert team offers all the experience and support you need to have complete confidence in the advice process. At the same time, we’ll manage the first-class service we deliver to protect you from some of the excessive minutiae of all the transactions – to limit the touchpoints and workload for you.

We offer strong banking representation in the regions in which we operate, as well as London. Working through our network of offices across the UK, our partners are well-connected and have real insight into regional differences – experience that they then bring to bear on a national level.

In every aspect of what we do, we recognise the need to blend technical expertise with business sense. So we focus on giving legal advice in a commercial context – swiftly identifying solutions and making recommendations to get the deal done. We have a reputation for being the ‘go to’ firm for difficult cases, when your reputation is on the line.