Technology & Life Sciences

Instinctive scientific understanding and commercial focus

Our highly experienced Technology & Life Sciences team handles every aspect of the protection and exploitation of technology and innovation.
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We’re commercially and technically savvy, offering real world action and insight that helps you grow and get where you want to be – in a quick and cost-effective way.

Whether it’s innovation in the development of a new drug or medical device, the design of high-tech electronic equipment or raising finance for your business, Gateley Plc has the expertise you need to maximise the reward for your efforts. If you’re developing a business that is dependent on the science and technology behind it, you’ll find that our specialists are completely in tune with your thinking – and your commercial needs.

Many of our key team members have scientific backgrounds and we’ve been acting for entrepreneurs, start-ups, university spin-out companies and established science and technology based businesses for over 20 years. So we have in-depth understanding of the typical lifecycles and legal support needs of your business, as well as of the partners and third parties you’re likely to be dealing with.

Our flexibility and commerciality really sets us apart. If you need to get funding in place fast, we’ll get the deal done quickly and effectively. If you need a low value contract putting in place we will draft something appropriate. But when it comes to a key licensing agreement, we’ll go to the lengths of delivering a comprehensive document that covers every last detail – after going through with you all the commercial and technical issues. We’ll always work in the way that best meets your specific needs at any stage of your development.

From setting up corporate structures to drafting licensing and sub-contracting deals, supporting you with taking on staff to preparing software development and international distribution agreements, acquiring complementary businesses to acting for you in any intellectual property dispute, we will be with you every step of the way. We offer scientific knowledge, commercial nous and pragmatic advice to nurture your business and provide the very best protection for you and your innovations.