This blog explores how to use your time on the LPC to help you when in practise.

I spent my first seat in the corporate department at Gateley after coming straight from the LPC. Here are some ways to make the most of the LPC and make it as smooth a transition into practise as possible.

Transferrable skills

You are likely to find that the practical skills learnt on the LPC come into play very early on in your seats. Trainee tasks often include researching areas of law, drafting and letter writing. Having a handle on these skills during the LPC will give you a good grounding in any department of your training contract. Although often seen as the ‘easier’ part of the LPC, it helps to be confident in these skills when beginning your training contract, as you will be using them from day one.


Similarly to the LPC, there are precedents to use in practise to help make drafting documents easier. In corporate this included board minutes and shareholder resolutions which were studied on the LPC. Although the documents used in practise are often more complex that those which were studied on the LPC, the basic template is the same, so a familiarity with these will make your life easier in practise.

Have an open mind

Even if you have your heart set on one particular department, in the Gateley training contract you usually do a corporate, property and litigious seat as well as a choice seat. Keep this in mind when studying the LPC, as topics you learn in real estate, dispute resolution and business can be very helpful for these seats. Many departments have work that draws on other departmental expertise and collaboration between teams. Therefore, a working knowledge of the subjects studied on the LPC (even those you don’t enjoy as much) can help with all of your seats.


Throughout your LPC you will be meeting with other future trainees. You will often come across each other after the LPC has finished by working on the same transaction, eventually working at the same firm, or at various trainee social events. So my advice would be to meet other LPC students where you can, as you never know where your paths may cross again.