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On April 4th 2018 businesses with 250 plus staff are required to publish their Gender Pay Gap data to the Government. The Government requires us to provide a snapshot of our data as correct on April 5th 2017.

Gender Pay Gap Report

Gender Pay Gap reporting is based on government methodology focusing on the difference in average pay between men and women in an organisation.

Gender pay is not the same as equal pay. Whilst it is true that both deal with the disparity of pay women receive in the workplace, they are different and should not be confused.

Equal pay means that men and women in the same employment performing equal work must receive equal pay.  At Gateley, our remuneration is based on the appropriate level of experience someone has for the job role they are performing and not their gender.  We are confident we pay men and women equal pay for performing equal work.

Gender pay measures a very different metric – it is a measure of the difference between men and women’s average earnings across the entire organisation regardless of their job role.

Across the UK economy and society as a whole, currently men are more likely than women to be in senior roles and therefore earn more. Most organisations will therefore have a gender pay gap.

You can read an explanation of our data and details about what we are doing to support more equal opportunities for all people across our business by downloading our report:

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Expert Views on Gender Pay Gap

Watch our video for views on Gender Pay Gap reporting by a number of experts:

  • Neil Cox – Head Of Resourcing, Talent and Diversity, Wesleyan Assurance
  • Victoria Garrad – Partner & Group HR Director, Gateley Group
  • Alison Fisher – Group HR Director, Cox Automotive
  • Helene Reardon-Bond OBE

Diversity & Inclusion

We are committed to the on-going development of our diversity and inclusion strategy. At Gateley we allow our people ‘room to breathe’ and want them to feel they can be 100% themselves at work. You can download our most recent Diversity & Inclusion statistics here:

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